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Meet Andre Green
Andre Green graduated from St. Agnes in 2007. He went on to attend Sewickley Academy and Allegheny College, where he graduated in 2015 with a degree in psychology. In addition to working fulltime as an IT recruiter, Andre serves as a volunteer firefighter in Sewickley.


y mom and dad were tough on me from a young age – always encouraging me to work harder, do better, and work for everything you have. My mom works as a teacher’s aide in the public schools. Being a black educator matters so much and she helped me throughout my education. Extra Mile played a very pivotal role in my middle school and high school career. Any kind of resources I needed, they were very willing to help both me and my brother. They even helped me to pay for my last year in college.

One thing I really gained from going to a Catholic school was the life lessons you learn from religion class. The teachers actually followed up on what they taught. Teachers would drive kids to school, drive them to basketball practice, make food for kids — they were great examples of doing the right thing.


As an IT recruiter and firefighter, I’m doing a lot now, that African-American kids don’t really see; they only see entertainers and athletes on TV. But you can do so much more than play football or basketball - you can,help the community, you can give back. I coached basketball in high school, and there’s no amount of money that can give you that feeling of changing someone’s life. In college I worked for a lot of the summer camps in the city. I always find ways to give back to my community.

Hopefully in the next ten years, I’d be captain of the fire department. Everyone,wants to be an astronaut or firefighter or cowboy when they’re a kid, but I guess I was actually able to fulfill that childhood dream. I’m just looking to make the world a better place in any way I can.


Extra Mile has been with me through every stage of my life. They’ve given me opportunities to meet people I never thought I would meet, to make speeches I never thought I’d give. I even gave a speech to Mike Tomlin in 2007. A lot of kids grow up where I grew up and never received chances like that.

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